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Grand Power Stribog SP9A1 Blow Back
  • Grand Power Stribog SP9A1 Blow Back

    SKU: 0016

    Purchase requires Commission of Police approval for carbines.


    STRIBOG SP9 A2 is self-loading pistol chambered in 9×19. By design, the SP9 is similar to its bigger brother, the SR9 A2, by which it inherited two sets of rails- picatinny as well as key-mod, that allows for mounting of different accessories, robust and sturdy, improved by a polymer lower receiver, achieving low weight, yet it still possesses fully ambidextrous controls, maintaining high level of accuracy on longer distances, thanks to longer barrel and sight radius compared to “traditional” pistols.
    STRIBOG SP9 A2 is equipped with muzzle device which combines muzzle break and compensator for optimum gun behaviour when shooting.

    • Specifications

      Caliber: 9mm